Facade Seminar Series

About Facades Seminar Series

Facade Seminar Series includes a diverse set of topics, exciting case studies and keynotes by prominent industry experts. The workshop series will run on the 25th September and 26th September 2019 and will uncover groundbreaking concepts on building design, BIM, fire and life safety and glass technologies.

Some of our confirmed topics and speakers

How can architects use BIM to streamline complex facade designs?
Juan Tena Florez, BIM Manager, KEO Design Division-UAE

  • How to create high impact facade complex designs in early design stage
  • How to use different methods like forms, adaptive components + T Splines to create parametric freeform elements with Revit + Dynamo
  • How to develop efficient facade workflows utilizing computational design, intelligent adaptive BIM elements and metadata analysis

How can BIM Enhance the Performance, Aesthetics & Constructability of Facades?
Mostafa Saber, Sr. Project Architect - Construction, NAGA Architects, Engineers, Designers, Planners

  • Using BIM through design phases of the project
  • BIM tools for cost estimation and tendering
  • Supporting tech tools at the construction site for monitoring and verification

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Facade?
Chris Chennell, Associate Director, BuroHappold Engineering

  • What are the risks and how can they be reduced?
  • Review of facade fire case studies – identify what went wrong. Highlight the hazards – so that these can be addressed
  • Fire risk assessment methodology to determine the likelihood and consequences of fire spread via the facade of buildings

Double Skin Facades and their Suitability in the Middle East
Reem Madkour, Senior Consultant – Facade Engineering, WSP

  • What are double skin facades?
  • Benefits of double skin facades 
  • Challenges of double skin facades
  • Are double skin facades appropriate for this region? 

Fire Exit doors and Fire doors: International standards and requirements
Roy S Fernandes, Project Director, Jensen Hughes

  • Code compliant fire doors requirements
  • Code compliant installations
  • Supporting construction requirements

Facade 1.01: Back to Basics
Hisham ElSergany, Senior Construction Manager – Facade, Arabtec Construction L.L.C

  • Facade Design Approach and Buildability
  • Importance of Pre-Tender Coordination Between all Contract Parties: Client, Engineer, Project Management, Main Contractor and Subcontractors
  • Managing the Facade Package During Construction Phase

Below are some of the seminar series topics

  • The future of colored solar panel facade in UAE
  • How can architects use BIM to streamline complex facade designs?
  • What is the relevance of double skin facades in today’s industry?
  • Responsibilities of the various stakeholders in ensuring building fire and life safety 
  • Effect of green facades systems on the building temperature 
  • Challenges in selecting right glass solutions, doors & windows glass for your space
  • Managing the aesthetic of glass architecture: the visual properties of glass
  • Bio mimicry in facades- can it lead to more sustainable future?
  • Role of drones for firefighting in tall buildings
  • Latest trends in the use of BIPV glass for building facades
  • Future of intelligent facade in UAE - is the market poised for growth?
  • Impact of window design on building energy consumption
  • Using artificial intelligence programs to assess fire risk in tall buildings
  • Energy saving challenges and solutions for glass industry
  • Ensuring fire and life safety for tall buildings – challenges for owners and developers
  • How can BIM make the facade of an existing building improve its technical performance and constructability?
  • Environmental and economic impact of the facade cladding system
  • Optimization of complex geometry envelopes for efficient fabrication
  • PV facade integration- an added value for the facade?
  • Adapting facade design to different climatic zones
  • Challenges in computation and amplifications of complex facade design
  • The design and engineering of cold bent glass facade
  • Innovations in facade materials and design
  • Integrating facade design with complex project goals
  • Smart manufacturing for continuous, high technology glass production
  • Advances in smart glass and smart-tinting technologies
  • BIPV facade applications: barriers and strategies
  • How will integrating double skin facade with BIPV help in minimizing energy loss?
  • Smart windows and zero energy buildings: current developments and future perspectives
  • Facade engineering challenges for high performance buildings

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