24 - 26 SEPTEMBER 2019


Q: What are the major opportunities you spot in the GCC/UAE construction sector?

A: We foresee many opportunities in the UAE and the broader GCC markets, mainly related to the upcoming international events that will take place there. The EXPO 2020 Dubai, among others, will surely boost investments in the construction sector.


Q: According to you, what are today’s top 3 trends in the windows & facades industry?

A: Due to the deployment of international agreements to cut carbon dioxide emissions, we will experience an increased introduction of thermal isolated systems.

It will be necessary to use higher quality materials in order to comply with these agreements and the fabricators will have to invest in upgrading their manufacturing process with more reliable equipments.

For these reasons, we expect clients to invest on their factory automation in order to improve the quality and repeatability of the final products.



Eng. Giovanni Barbareschi
Area Manager
Fom Industrie Srl


Q: How does your product respond to the challenges posed by the Gulf’s environment?

A: Fom Industrie has a wide  and very complete range of products, starting from intuitive and cost effective machines to high-end techonlogy automated systems.


Q: What products will you present at the Windows, Doors & Facades Event?

A: Besides our traditional products, Fom Industrie will present LMX650 an innovative automated and machining line for both industrial and construction fields. In addition, we will introduce the web app LOLA ( Log On Live Automation) available on the LMX 650 and soon on all ‘Industry 4.0 ready’ machines. LOLA allows the customers to monitor in real time the status of their productivity.

You are welcome to visit our booth in order to know more!


Q: Are these products innovative? If so, why?

A: Labelling with bar in movement; vice tables upstream and downstream of the multispindle unit; blowing system integrated in the work table guarantee machining speed and precision. These are only some of the features of our LMX650, a system that boasts six patent applications. 
Also, LOLA uses the many sensors positioned on the ‘Industry 4.0 ready’ machines to gather and access information that can be use to monitor production and schedule eventually in house maintenance.


About Fom Industrie srl

Fom Industrie srl, born in 1972, is a leading manufacturer of aluminum working machinery.

Today Fom Industrie srl  is able to deliver an outstanding and exhaustive range of high end technological products such as automatic working cutting lines,  thermal break lines, pneumatic, 3-4-5 axes CNC, double and single head sawing machines and obviously traditional machines.

Fom Industrie srl is head of a growing group of 7 companies, with 10 branches and 55 dedicated dealers covering the global market.