24 - 26 SEPTEMBER 2019


Q: What is your outlook on the Middle East market?

A: Despite regional tensions, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are still a magnet of economic growth and prospect.


Q: What are the major business opportunities you spot?

A:There are two observations one makes:

  1. The market for project based business is still in high demand
  2. The preference of buyers is shifting to high – end products



Hermansjah Joswidjaja
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Q: Why it is important for you to be part of the event?

A: Middle East is reported to have the highest bussiness and economic growth rate, hence it is the perfect place for us to set up a long term marketing strategy to take advantage of this. Being new in the Middle East, our goal at the Windows, Doors and Facade Event is to understand the regional market, meet buyers and build business relationships to establish successful partnerships.


Q: What makes your brand stand out?

A: Permatadoor is the pioneer in its industry and the most experienced engineered wooden door manufacturer in Indonesia. We aim at a high-end and niche market to supply our advanced product, marked by quality and innovative designs.




Innovation and quality are the key drivers for Permatadoor's existence especially in todays competitive global economy. Their products meet the growing demand from architects, home builders & customers looking for unique and sustainable, environmentally friendly products that also meet a more demanding cryteria in  building materials, fenestration, standard codes.

Starting in the 1980’s. Permatadoor was the first company in South East Asia to produce and export doors that were pre-installed with clear beveled glass panels, followed by insulated decorative trippled glazed door panels. In no time, these glazed doors received a very warm welcome in the UK market, automatically becoming popular amongst other countries with cold climates, including Nothern Europe, US, and Russia.

In the early 21st century, they started an initiative to introduce engineered doors using LVL construction for improved wood performance & stability, and more importantly conserving the limited legal wood resources.