Micha Pawelka

The Managing Director of Priedemann will be delivering a presentation about "The Digital Disruption of the Facade Industry - benefit or burden?" at Future of Facades Summit, on September 24.

The Windows, Doors & Facades Event (WDF), the largest event dedicated to the windows, doors and facades industry in the Middle East,  will host Micha Pawelka as a key speaker this year. The Managing Director of Priedemann will be delivering a presentation about "The Digital Disruption of the Facade Industry - benefit or burden?" at WDF's Future of Facades Summit, on September 24.

Here's what he told us ahead of the event:

What are the major trends in the facades industry?

In the Middle East, developers are trying to standardize façade solutions, and we can see this very much in Dubai. Having less uniqueness in the facades, makes it easier for the developers to purchase façade systems.
Today, there’s also a tendency to go towards the system suppliers direction in the GCC. In fact, system suppliers are becoming more comfortable, providing overall solutions, good quality, and best support to their clients.
Instead, looking at the global picture, and at the international high-price markets like the USA, UK and parts of Australasia in particular, the trend is going towards a more decentralized contracting behavior.
Sustainability is another big trend, but it comes along with costs, and it will take some time until it reaches the Middle East.
Finally, a massive trend is the big data: how facades will collect and provide information about certain data of the building in the future.

What are the most promising technologies today?

Material-wise, we see things getting smart. We have electrochromic glass, the performance of the glass is getting switchable, and prices of these materials are also getting more affordable.
The facades themselves are getting smart: more and more they will collect, carry and provide information. Digitalization will reach the facades industry and will massively change the way we design and execute facades systems in the future.

What can industry professionals expect to learn at your presentation?

Digitalization has already changed the way we book a car, or we do our shopping. It will soon change the way our façade industry is acting too.
Currently we still have one-stop-shop façade manufacturers where design and manufacturing come from one company. In the future, the system will be more and more decentralized.
Facades may be ordered online, and clients might not even know where they are produced. The client might send them back, might exchange them or even upgrade facades later on. One day, facades could even be rented. This process will provide a wider freedom in future.
At the Future of Facades Summit, I will provide some insights into the current situation as in some instances this digital future is already happening although not everyone is aware of it. I will therefore give some examples and an outlook on the future of digitalization in the facades industry.  

Why do you think it’s important for industry professionals to attend WDF?

WDF is the region’s leading event for the windows, doors and facades – there’s no question about it!
It is the biggest and most important event for us in the Middle East. It is also a big networking opportunity: even if we don’t meet new clients, all the stakeholders, partners, and clients are there. New trends are being shared at the event, so it’s absolutely a ‘no go’ not to attend if you are from this industry!

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