25 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2017
Halls 6, 7 & 8
Dubai World Trade Centre
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CPD-Certified Workshops - FREE TO ATTEND

  • Introduction to the concept of life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) of buildings and materials
  • Outlining how LCCA how this is key to determining the true cost of buildings
  • Comparative LCCA of façade systems for different building types
  • Using LCCA principles to develop façade design and construction strategies that reduce environmental impact and also reduce costs over a building’s life cycle
  • Lessons learnt from real world case studie

Michel Francis, Chief Architect and Design Director, DEC

Digital tools have been used for a while to assist in carrying out computer-based engineering analysis as opposed to traditional manual calculation, and that has helped in improving the ability to analyse any given engineering task in a faster and more accurate manner. Digital tools have empowered design teams in terms of their ability to model and manipulate highly complex geometric forms and shapes. However, digital tools, including BIM, have not yet reached their potentials from a holistic design standpoint, and have therefore been serving design teams in production and coordination, less so much in actual design problem solving and design evaluation. Therefore, the gap between the ability of design teams to produce challenging looking designs and their ability to validate those designs and evaluate their value is growing wider. This workshop will offer attendees a wider spectrum in terms of how digital tools can be used by project teams more effectively from a design standpoint from design to delivery using algorithmic thinking augmented by BIM.

Abdulmajid Karanouh, Director, Head of Innovation Design, Facades & Sustainability, Ramboll

  • Introduction to WELL design philosophy and concepts
  • Understanding the background to WELL design philosophy and how it has evolved
  • Integrated design and engineering that enhances occupant wellbeing and productivity
  • Implementation of WELL and comparison with existing building standards (LEED)
  • Sustainable, wellbeing-oriented design, optimizing:             

               Indoor air quality
               Water quality
               Thermal and acoustic controllability

Phillipa Grant, Senior Consultant, AESG

  •          Understanding the background to value added tax (VAT) in the UAE
  •          Assessing how VAT is like to impact construction projects
  •          Evaluating how VAT is likely to affect regional supply chain dynamics
  •          Administrative impact – invoicing and day to day operation

 Nurena Tarafder, Senior Manager, Tax, Deloitte

  •          Introduction to designing buildings that are low energy, adapted to climate change and also            aesthetically pleasing
  •          Outlining key requirements of LEED and Estidama to improve the energy rating of your                  building
  •          Passive solar control
  •          Strategies to cost-effectively optimise energy efficiency of building envelopes

Belarmino Cordero, Division Manager – Facades, AESG

  • Types of standards in the construction sector
  • How standards empower to quantify quality and safety in a dynamic world
  • Explaining Testing, Certification and Inspection with a case study of Cladding Fire Safety 
  • Exploring the challenges of compliance with testing requirement of standards within the construction sector 
  • Understanding the types of testing requirements for the construction sector, including examples of key products and testing required to support certification

Abhishek Chhabra, Business Development, Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants

Sandy Dweik, Vice President and Chief Consultant, Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants


  • The standard for coated architectural aluminium: Assessing the benefits of using Qualicoat
  • Overview of the powder coating process
  • Classes of finishes and how to specify and maintain
  • Recommendations for care of coated aluminium if it does go wrong
  • Comparison between Qualicoat and other certification standards of powder coatings

Yulia Gvozdeva, Chairperson, Marketing Working Group, Quali Middle East Association

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  •          Introduction to the latest software technologies enhancing façade design and efficiency
  •          Highlighting the merits and capabilities as well as identifying any constraints of working with different programmes
  •           Getting the most out of your technology: How to optimize your results

Robert Stephens, Executive Director, Inhabit Asia ME

  •          The Building Sector:  Most significant and least costly path to long-term energy savings and            sustainability 
  •          Assessing global warming and it’s impacts on the future of buildings in the GCC including                regional rises in temperature, humidity and other factors and how this is affecting building              performance and interior comfort levels
  •          Large Building Case Study: Introducing the latest building testing technologies for more                  accurate and less costly building envelope integrity performance assessments
  •          Recommendations for the way ahead including building code regulations improvements and            building professionals action items 

William Whistler, Founder & Managing Director, Green Building Solutions International

  •          Design tips to improve energy ratings
  •          Ensuring best practice in fire and life safety ratings
  •          Ensuring accessibility for operations and maintenance of facades including cleaning and                  removals
  •          Top tips for façade access to be included from design stage

Mick Dalton, Director FM Meraas Estates Division, Meraas Holding Company

New product innovations continue to revolutionize the future of sustainable buildings.  This session will provide insights into the latest technological advancements and trends by addressing the following:

  • New technologies that maintain the view through the building façade while blocking glare and heat
  • Methods to make effective use of daylight in the building?
  • What is solar heat gain coefficient and how to make it dynamic?
  • Overview of electrochromics technology in the façade industry
  • Highlighting how the façade can save energy and contribute to LEED requirements in a project
  • What makes people comfortable and productive while they live inside the buildings?

Alain Garnier, Manager Sales and Business Development – Middle East, Saint-Gobain SageGlass

  •          R&D Lab: Assessing the latest advancements in sealing and bonding technologies
  •          Quantifying how high quality sealing for windows and facades can improve the sustainability            and energy performance of buildings
  •          Highlighting the importance of taking a collaborative approach: Working with the stakeholder          ground to meet project KPIs
  •          Specifying sealing and bonding products: What to use and when to maximize performance

Senior Representative, Tremco Illbruck

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