Dr. Jörg Westphal

Dr. Jörg Westphal

Executive Vice President Schüco

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24 Sep 2019 11:15 -11:35 | Panel Discussion: Influence of the urbanization on the construction industry in the future


Dr. Joerg Westphal, originally lawyer, now Executive Senior Vice President, based at the HQ in Bielefeld, Germany, is managing the international business of Schüco International KG since more than 25 years now. He has supervised the establishment of branches and networks mainly in Turkey, Russia, Eastern Europe, China and Middle East.

Actually he is responsible for a range of markets in the ME, Gulf, Africa and is in charge of sales and marketing activities of the subsidiaries of Schüco in Turkey, Russia and Middle East.

As a consequence of the steady development of worldwide business relations Schüco has been in the position that already very prestigious projects have been executed with Schüco products in Egypt and worldwide.

Prior to his management activities in favour of Schüco Dr. Westphal had worked for the automobile industry (VW of America) and the food industry (Appel & Frenzel).