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glassglobal Community - world’s leading e-commerce portal website for the international glass industry with over 360,000 visitors resp 5.2 million page impressions/month.

Directory: Special International Company Database Up-to-date, multi language company directory for flat and hollow glass, technical glass, tableware, traders, buyers and associations etc.

Plants: expert database on glass melting furnaces with information about locations, specifications such as technology, production capacities, product details. Up-to-date statistics on markets, trade or demoscopic figures. New projects in glass industry – float, hollow, technical from greenfield to furnace repair Investment and project announcements with extensive details and contact option.

glassglobal Studies Individualized and customized evaluation of glass industry, market segments and trends for container glass, float glass, tableware or other products. Feasibility studies, bankable business plans, project evaluations and setup of strategies.

glassglobal Trading The Trading platform is an international business area and the key segments are dedicated to glass production and processing equipment and flat resp. container glass trade. Machine and products trade section for sell and buy / Tender

glassglobal Consulting Our internationally renowned team of glass experts helps you analyzing and benchmarking glass production, glass markets and competition. We also help diversifying production, improving efficiencies and competitiveness. Special consultancy for glass makers and processing companies. Special Engineering Software for glass producers

Technology The "Glass Technology Area" demonstrates the process of glass production to prospective customers.

glassglobal IT-Services Professional realization of all elements in websites from presentations to calculations, from design to CRM. Our expert team supports industry related design, keyword programming, search engine optimization and target oriented customer approach.

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