About World Architecture Community

Since 2006, World Architecture Community provides a unique environment for architects, architecture students and academics around the globe to meet, share and compete.

Tens of thousands of architects, architecture offices, students and academics are members of our portal where they can create their profile pages, and upload their projects. As a truly global platform, WAC is the place where international contemporary architecture is expressed from all horizons, providing an equal opportunity to those countries generally less covered by international media.

The mixture of exclusive and syndicated architecture news, published on World Architecture Community’s News section, was viewed over 81 million times, and projects posted by its members were viewed close to 53 million times in total, since 2008. With over 460,000 Twitter and over 205,000 Instagram followers, World Architecture Community is also quite active and followed on social media.

Finally, the WA Awards competition recognises the best projects in 3 different categories: Designed, Realised and Student. Up-to 10+5+X projects are awarded every cycle, 3 times a year, since over 29 cycles, in a selection made by a combination of the votes of WAC Honorary Members and Previous Cycle Winners (10), as well as the ratings of our community members (5).

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